G-shaped kitchens are named after the four sides that look like the letter "G". There is usually a fourth dimension (the jut or peninsula), that adds additional countertop or dining space. These are often found in open-plan areas, but they can also be added to single-use spaces.

G- SHape Kitchen Design

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Kitchen Concept
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G- SHape
Clean & Minimal
April 13, 2024

G-shaped kitchens have their advantages, just like every other kitchen design. You might also find it useful to use a Modular kitchen design expert planner to help you design your space.

  • For those who want to maximize their floor plan, a G-shaped kitchen layout can be very beneficial. You can make the most of your space when entertaining and preparing meals with worktops on each side.
  • You can also use the peninsula to make a great breakfast counter. When entertaining, you could invite your guests to the kitchen and have a glass of wine while they cook. You could also invite your children to help you with homework or prepare a dinner meal.
  • You can also have extra storage with a G-shaped kitchen. There are many options for flexible use, whether you want to add accessories like a wine fridge or more cabinets.

G- SHape Kitchen Design


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